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  1. Profile photo of Jess Jess says:

    Great article!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Christaine says:

    I love August monsoon weather!

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  4. kim says:

    Jess, wonderful contemplative and forward action message!! I agree and I also know that we have gone thru or may go thru all (if not most) of these challenges and needs. I started out one way with hormonal issues, lack of sleep and severe pain, fibrofog, and cognitive issues…it changed over time and added IBS, serious inability to handle stress of any kind and food allergies out my ears….and it changes again….therefore my needs changed from needing more education, coming to grips with the reality of a chronic illness that I could not ‘fix’, to living in the moment instead of regretting what I cannot do, and realizing I am no less important than anyone without fibromyalgia, that we are all individuals of quality – it’s just that our personal awareness and ways of defining our quality and our contributions, change with fibro. Our ways of living our lives change and so too, do our family’s, our friends… Living still goes on, it’s how we choose our directions and this site, the facebook group, and the flexibility and message to embrace us all, no matter what ‘stage’ we are in, is so important. Thank you.

  5. Michelle Bradley says:

    Have a wonderful time my friends, I’m not feeling well at all, been in bed all day with a major headache & Fibro flare, back pain. I look forward to attending the next Social gathering. Enjoy your Weekend!

  6. Anna says:

    So I will have to pay a twenty dollar copay to see my doctor just for a script every month???? That’s 240 bucks just to get the medication (not including the cost of the meds) that allows me to work and live a semi normal life! Thats ridiculous!!! I hate that people (and other factors of course) that abuse drugs make it so difficult for those of us who really need it and are able to take it responsiblly….I’m sorry I know that everyone has their own vises and weaknesses but I feel like I get treated like a junky every time I get the medication that I use…its frusterating! I have had to go about 4 times a year for my scripts, that’s about all I needed to go with refills….sigh

  7. Profile photo of Jess Jess says:

    I know, it is frustrating. Talk to your doctor… I’ve had doctors write me three scripts, each dated for different months for controlled meds. I’ve had other doctors who required me to come in and pick up the script each month at the receptionists’ window. Doctors seem to dislike all the extra regulation for pain patients almost as much as the pain patients dislike the new regulations. If you’ve been doing well on a medication, they probably don’t want you to have to schedule an appointment anymore than you do, as it takes up valuable time in their days that could be spent on patients who need more attention. 🙁

    • Anna says:

      Thank you for the advice. I will work with my doctor on it, hopefully we can work something out that will work for both of us 🙂

  8. Filo says:

    I can’t get on to the forum2!

    • Profile photo of Jess Jess says:

      I don’t see you on the user list for the forum. I will give you a call later and add you manually. If anyone else has trouble getting into the forum, please let me know- or 329-8449. Thanks! Jess

  9. Gretchen Wagenseller says:

    I put in my “public” comment last week. Please do so. After you hit the link and it brings you to the website where they have all of the different proposed rules/hearings/etc. upon which you can comment, if you put in “opioid” in the upper right hand SEARCH field, the one on the Vicodine will be at or near the top.

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  11. brenda says:

    just 1 slice of pizza???!!!!!!I just got my cast off so the adaptive equipment i hope will give nmy wrist stability.If not,somebody has to be the lowest scorer so it might as well be me.brenda

  12. brenda says:

    I’ll be there. Ashley,if you read this please bring your vaporizer or anyone else for that matter to show me how that thing works. Thanks.Brenda

  13. Uda Gross says:

    good luck and thank you dear!

  14. Nancy Ross says:

    74 discouraged cannot take meds anymore. Widow. Need someone who understands. I live in Green Valley

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