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Local (Tucson) Practitioners and Therapists

–  Wat Buddhametta – Tucson Buddhist Meditation Center, 22nd & Swan- This organization offers several (FREE) classes on Meditation, Chanting, Yoga, and Tai Chi. Our group went to the Tai Chi class two years ago, and it was very good. They were very helpful in helping us modify any movements that our members could not do because of range-of-motion problems. Here is a link to their class list:



See the full list at: Good Docs –

(Know of someone who should be added to this list? Let us know!)



General Info on Fibromyalgia

National Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Network
The Fibromyalgia Network
What Is Fibromyalgia?
Fibromyalgia Pain Relief
US CDC on Fibromyalgia
NIH on Fibromyalgia on Fibromyalgia
For Grace- Women in Pain
Diagnosing Fibromyalgia—Common Misdiagnoses
Eight Subsets of Fibro
Classification of Fibro
Fibromyalgia (FM) and Chronic Myofascial Pain (CMP) with Devin Starlanyl
National Fibromyalgia Partnership
American Chronic Pain Association

 History of Fibromyalgia


Other Tucson Support Groups

–  Fibromyalgia Meet-up – meeting dates/times vary

–  Fibromyalgia Support Group – 1st Sat each month, 11-12am, HealthSouth NW Tucson

–  S.M.A.S.H.– Stop Moaning and Start Healing (Fibro and other Chronic Pain)- meeting dates/times vary

–  Arizona Lyme Disease Association – 2nd Sat each month, Dusenberry Library at 2-4 pm OR Wellness First on First Ave at 3-5 pm

–  Carondelet-sponsored support groups

Tucson Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Support Group


Coping/Online Communities

Fibromyalgia LifeTips
Patients Like Me
Fibromyalgia—Stress and Flares
Fibromyalgia Health Check
Humor and Laughter
It’s Time to Get Over How Fragile You Are
The Singing Patient
Rest Ministries
Is Living with an Illness Choosing to Give In?



Treatments and Therapies

Patients Like Me- Real World Treatment Data

Ordering Your Own Labwork
General Info on Meds – “Finding the Treatment Options that Suck Less”
Low-Dose-Naltrexone – this is an experimental new treatment that has had some impressive success stories with MS, Fibro, Crohn’s, and other nerve-related disorders.

Debunking Myths– Exercise

Fibro-Friendly Exercises
Online Treatment Diaries
Treating Your Painful Muscular Knots

Cannabis Super Info Zip File – <– clicking on this text will automatically download the file to your computer.


Financial Help – For those waiting on SSDI decisions, on a very fixed income, etc.

Help Paying for Treatments

Pfizer Patient Assistance

Partnership for Prescription Assistance – also provides help with co-pay’s for Rx’s

Rx Outreach

Pima Community Access Program – for low-income, uninsured, $40/year

Finding the Cheapest Local Pharmacy – This is an excellent tool for finding the most cost-efficient pharmacy near you. It does take some time to load, though!

Primavera Resource Center

Humane Society of Southern Arizona Indigent Care Program – Email; or call 520-321-3704 ext. 165

The Sanctuary Project – “If you are needing help feeding your four-legged family members, The Sanctuary Project and their high school outreach, is hosts a community pet food bank every third Saturday of the month in midtown Tucson at Southern Arizona Community Academy! The first time you come, you fill out an info card & can receive the food you need for your angels absolutely free. The second time on, we ask that you volunteer with us ONE HOUR per BAG of food. Spread the word to those who are in need. It is our strong belief that LOVE WINS!! Keep those babies with you! xoxo The Sanctuary Project”

Community Food Bank

Benefits Finder

Government-Sponsored Benefits

Pima County Community Information and Referral Services

Services for people who are homeless or near-homeless


In the News/Research

Fibromyalgia Can No Longer Be Called an ‘Invisible’ Illness
Science Daily for Fibro
Find a Clinical Trial
13 Mistakes Fibromyalgia Patients Make (MSN)
Space Age Pod Shows Positive Benefits for Relieving Symptoms of Fibromyalgia
FDA to Limit Acetaminophen in Pain-Killers
Study links obesity to greater pain, weakness in fibromyalgia patients
The End of Ouch?
Fibro and Depression– Differences and Similarities
Drug Made Infamous by Date Rapes Gets Second Look for Fibromyalgia
The Americans with Disabilities Act, and a Fall that Opened My Eyes

Neurotransmitters, Supplements, Herbs and Fibromyalgia
Ask the Expert: Treating Pediatric Pain



Disability/Work Info**

Info on Disability Programs
General Info on Disability Policies
Index on Social Security Online
Court Case Decisions on Disability Payments
HHS Programs
Tips for Winning Disability
Disability Blog- Common Q and A
Social Security and Disability Resource Center

Fibromyalgia Disability on Facebook

Social Security Policy Interpretation Ruling on Fibromyalgia



Work Accommodations **

Job Accommodation Network
Department of Labor Disability Resources
Accommodation ideas


** These resources will eventually be expanded into a full page on disability, handicap, ADA and EOE information.



Fibro Humor

A Better Pain Scale
Misc Fibro Humor
Fibro-Haze Humor
Random Tangents
The Only Time it Doesn’t Hurt…
The Fibromyalgia Pledge
Pain Killer- “Fibromyalgia Lawyer”
Fibro “Mad Libs”
The Funniest Thing…
Top 10
Cranky Fibro Girl
Laughing About Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue
The Top 10 Worst Fibromyalgia Book Names




“What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Fibromyalgia: What You Need to Know That Could Save Your Life,” by Linda Meilink and Patrick Rhoades, MD

“What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know about Fibromyalgia: Why Doctors Can’t or Won’t Treat Chronic Pain,” by Linda Meilink and Patrick Rhoades, MD

“The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating,” by Elisabeth Tova Bailey

“Beyond Casseroles 505 Ways Encourage a Chronically Ill Friend,” by Lisa Copen

“Figuring Out Fibromyalgia,” by Minevra Liptan, MD


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